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Solar Collector
Configuration Two Concentric borosilicate glass tubes
Inner Tube Diameter 37±0.7mm
Outer Tube Diameter 47±0.7mm
Tube length 1500±5mm
Solar Absorber Selective Coating  Graded Al-N
Solar Absorptance >0.93
Solar Emittance (at 80ºc) <0.06
Vacuum between Outer & Inner Tubes  5*10-3pa
Stagnation Temperature <300ºC
Rated Pressure 0.1M pa (1 kg/cm²)
Auxiliary Electrical Heating system
Heater Type Induction heater
Heater Positioning Centre of the tank
Temperature Controller Provided, thermostat
Temperature Setting Manually adjustable
Storage Tank
Tank Type Horizontal cylindrical type
Inner & Outer tank Material SS 304
Insulation material for tank PUF
Insulation material Density 48kg/cub meter
Thickness of insulation 100mm
System piping & fittings Inter connections should be EPDM pipe
Valves Separate
Inlet & Out let Connections Separate
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