Industrial Street Light - 25W

Solar Smart Industrial Street Light is Made in India with High Efficiency Mono Crystalline Solar PV Module, Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery with in-built BMS technology, High Efficacy LED, MPPT Solar Charge Controller. SOLSEN Smart Industrial Street Light is specially designed with PIR Motion Sensor automatically control the dimming and brightness of light, which increases the backup time.


Industrial Street Light 25 W

LED Light

25 W

Solar panel

80W , 18.8V

Battery capacity

12.8V, 36Ah Battery 

Light mounting height

6m  above ground level

Space between light poles


Product Warranty

5 Years

Light backup time


Light working method


Motion Sensor

PIR motion sensor (12m range Dimming to 45% intensity on detecting no movement for more than 1 min.)



  • Automatic D2D Operation
  • Smart Sensing Design
  • Long battery life with Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • Easy to install without requiring trained manpower


  • No battery maintenance required
  • No electricity bills as the light run on Solar Power independently
  • 100% environmentally friendly and LEDs do not emit UV light
  • Completely safe as it works on 12V DC power