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Solar Concentrator

Solar Concentrator consists of a cylinder parabolic reflector and a metal/Glass tube receiver at its focal plane. The receiver is blackened at the outside surface and is covered by concentrator and rotated about one axis to track the sun's diurnal motion. The heat transfer fluids flows through the absorber tube gets heated and then carries heat. Pressurized water or thermal oil is pumped /thermosyphening through the field and is heated by the concentrated solar radiation to the required temperature. A buffer storage absorbs short term fluctuations of the solar radiation. The solar heat can be used for cooking, industrial process heat, electricity generation, air heating and other mid-temperature applications.


  • Canteens
  • Enhanced oil recovery & Refining
  • Chemical Processing & Refining
  • Dairy (Pasteurisation of milk)
  • Meat & Fish Processing
  • Beverages (Bottling Plants, Breweries)
  • Food Drying (Nuts, Fruits) (Fruit, Vegetables)
  • Rubber Plants – tire Manufacturing
  • Textile and cloth Manufacturing
  • Metal Surface treatment
  • industrial Scale laundry and linen whitening
  • Saw Mills (Thermal treatment ), pulp and paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals (autoclaves)
  • Perfume and essence making (distilleries)


  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Cost-Effective, Emissions-Free Steam
  • Direct Saturated and Superheated Steam Systems
  • Engineered for Tough Environmental Conditions