The high mast lighting is a high pole with the top lighting pointing to the ground. The lighting consists of a ring of lamps surrounding the light pole, one or one of which is surrounded by several independent lighting devices. Most devices have four, six, or eight lights on the ring, and in a few cases three, five, ten, twelve, and sixteen lights are used.

The height of the high mast is about 50ft-150ft. Because the high mast light can provide higher lighting, it is currently the most effective for illuminating large outdoor areas (such as highways, railway yards, parking lots, airports, seaports, stadiums, etc.) And the most cost-effective way LED high mast lights are the best high mast luminaires, because their high mast lights are low cost, high lumen, easy to adjust and durable.


The main uses of High mast lights are:

Ring roads, Outer Ring Roads
Small Junctions (Cross Roads) to reduce accidents
Amusement parks
Open Air Theatres
Entrance of Railway stations, Shopping malls, Auditoriums, Theatres, etc.
Petrol pumps

Salient features of High Mast Lights:

More than 50% saving in Power Costs
Safe as they work on low-voltage
Low power consumption
Very luminous efficient
Very low heat radiation-cool and safe to touch
No filament burnout and silent operation -Solid State Technology
More durable than conventional bulbs -Shock, Vibration & Impact Resistant
Fast response time -No flicker
Additional Power Saving can be achieved by dimming
Non polluting -No mercury Range of Colors -With out a filter
Small size and less weight -Design flexibility
Long life -more than 60,000 Hours
Maintenance -free, just install and forget